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Do I need to watch Peter's Webinars, APAs, and the 2017 A360 Livestream LIVE? Or are these events recorded and archived to watch whenever?
Although we'd love to have you join us LIVE whenever you can – No, we don't expect you to attend every LIVE event. This is why we record, transcribe and archive every single LIVE Webinar, APA, and A360 Event for you to access and watch at your convenience. *Note: You will need to be logged in to your member portal in order to access these events – regardless if you are watching LIVE or at a later date.


What's the difference between A360 Digital and Xponential Advantage? Is XA included in my A360D membership?

  • Xponential Advantage is a static, 8-hour course divided up into eight, 1-hour long recorded Modules. This course is co-produced with SUCCESS Magazine.
  • A360 Digital is a year-long membership offering vastly more content–both static/archived content–Abundance 2016 Archive, BOLD Interviews, and all archived webinars–as well as monthly/reocurring, LIVE engagements with Peter–Exponential Webinars and Ask Peter Anything. A360D also includes access to Livestream Peter's annual A360 Executive Summit, and will soon provide access to an exclusive A360D Facebook Group for members (coming Feb 2017), and a more robust personalized content curriculum (also coming Feb 2017).

We don't have plans to upload the exact course to the A360D portal at this time; however, the mindsets and tools featured in Xponential Advantage (XA) are a close derivative of the content that already exists inside your member portal. 


2017 A360 Livestream 

I plan to watch A360 2017 LIVE. Where do I go to Livestream the event?
You can access the Livestream via your member portal by clicking here, or by using this direct link (NOTE: you must be logged in to access this link):

What timezone is the event?
Pacific Standard Time (PST).

How soon after each session will the recordings be published to my A360D online portal?
Videos will be available to watch immediately after each Module ends.